Echo and the Bunnymen: Seven Seas / Silver

echo_sevenseasFormat: 12″
Label: WEA/Sire/Korova
Country: US
Year: 1984
Price paid: $5
Purchased at: CNY Regional Market, Syracuse NY



“You’ll strike the matches and shower me in water games, washing the rocks below…”

‘Seven Seas’ was the third single released off the band’s fourth album, 1984’s ‘Ocean Rain.’ It reached #16 in the UK (their fourth highest charting single there, and #10 in Ireland.

Not too much to talk about regarding the sleeve design on this one. Being a promotional piece visual aesthetics weren’t top on the list when releasing this. In most cases a record label would simply use the existing sleeve art and emboss it with a gold promo label. Perhaps the cover art for the proper release hadn’t been finalized or the domestic (aka UK) art was deemed inappropriate for US consumers; whatever the reason, the result is this stark nondescript artifact. All that being said, I rather like it. Mysterious and slightly intimidating, much is said with a simple font choice and text placement.

Kuratt and Rame: Shaky Sharks (Diesel Greatest Hips series)

Format: 12″ LP

Label: Diesel

Country: Netherlands

Year: 2004

Price paid: $3

Purchased at: The Record Archive, Rochester NY


I had no idea what the fuck this was when I picked it up, but I loved the cover art. I believe it was incorrectly priced at only three bucks… you can’t go wrong with a three dollar picture disc!

In researching this LP I had the hardest time finding ANY information. This compilation had nothing available on eBay at all. Same for Amazon. I finally found three copies at with huge prices. Not sure how accurate those values are though, but looking at the price tags at others in the series (see below) $50-75 seems to be the going rate!

What info I can garner is that this is a promo-only release by Diesel Marketing Strategy for Diesel Jeans. ‘Kuratt & Rame’ are types/styles/cuts of different brands of jeans. Or something. There’s a whole series of these LPs (at least 12 in the series.) I wouldn’t be surprised if this LP is a compilation of tracks that would be played in their retail shops, ala something Old Navy might do.

Anyway, weird mix of tunes. B-52’s to Wilson Pickett, Ramones to the Everly Brothers, Echo and the Bunnymen to Clarence Carter.