Blondie: Heroes 12″


Format: 12″

Label: Chrysalis

Country: West Germany

Year: 1982

Price paid: $9.50

Purchased at: Angry Mom Records, Ithaca NY


Though nothing will keep us together

We could steal time just for one day…

‘Heroes’ is a cover of the (now) popular Bowie song, recorded live on 12 January 1980 at The Hammersmith Odeon in London.

Strangely or maybe not, as it’s a live track of merely passable audio quality it was only released in Germany- as this special official ‘Super Sound Single.’ The B-side includes the French version of ‘Sunday Girl’ (the original English version is from the 1978 album ‘Parallel Lines’, this version originally appeared on the 1979 UK 12″ single) and ‘In The Flesh’ (from their 1976 self-titled debut LP.)

Robert Fripp plays guitar on ‘Heroes’; the single was co-written by David Bowie and Brian Eno, so one assumes there must be an Eno/Fripp connection at some level. Since Eno and Fripp released four collaborative studio albums between 1973 and 2007 and all.

The sleeve art is typical of the period for a mainland Europe release. That is, an undersized photo on a plain field with some text around it. The saving grace is that the image of Debbie Harry chosen is pleasant on the eyes. Bonus points for the Andy Warhol shirt.



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