Lady Gaga bootleg ‘Mickey Mouse’ Paparazzi sunglasses

 glasses2Format: eyewear
Country: unknown
Year: 2012
Price paid: $10.48
Purchased at: Triple Optic (Amazon dealer)


“‎Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, ‘cause we were born this way bitch!” – Lady Gaga

2Say what you will about Gaga, if she were to disappear tomorrow her place in music history is still sealed as one of the more colorful pop artists of the early 21st century. Her longevity has yet to be proven, but her embracing of two major demographics (awkward teens and ostracized sexual groups) through her benevolent ‘Mother Monster’ image gives her a readymade fanbase that should keep the Haus of Gaga afloat for years to come.


Lady Gaga signs a fan's copy of the NY Post, then poses with him while wearing Mickey ear sunglasses outside of Rockefeller Center, NYCStrip away all the meat dresses, glitter lobster hats, and Shrek-sized shoulder pads and you’re left with a slightly better than average Madonna-esque crooner. The thing is though you CAN’T separate the Gaga from the dress; they’re as intertwined as Thelma and Louise, Siegfried and Roy, Disney and Mickey Mouse.

As of 2014 you can still purchase a pair of these iconic glasses, officially known as ‘Mickey by Jeremy Scott by Linda Farrow’ for a very reasonable $464 (not including lenses.)

4The pair on display here are cheap ten dollar knockoffs, basically costume-quality. Many choices await on Amazon if you choose to invest in a pair, of varying quality but almost universally under $20. The differences when compared to the original are many. The original has a flatter, thicker body, thinner bridge, and the blinder ‘flaps’ are flatter and appear to be non-opaque. But to be honest, Ms. Gaga herself would have a difficult time differentiating between the two if you were to be sporting these in a dark nightclub or rave.



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