Spice Girls Cadbury wrappers


Format: candy

Label: Cadbury

Country: Canada

Year: 1997


“On and on with the girls named spice.

You wanna get with us then you’d better think twice.”

Whoring out pop stars for a quick buck is nothing new, it”s been going on since the birth of rock and roll. The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson. Hell, even Devo hawked Beta-max players back in the 80s.

With the exception of maybe NKOTB, there were no greater 90’s corporate shills in music than the Spice Girls. Pepsi, Tesco, and Polaroid were three of their largest collaborations, but they slapped their mugs on what seems an endless stream of crap. Slippers, party balloons, bean bag chairs, dolls, video games, jigsaw puzzles, perfumes…

Certainly one of the sweetest deals they ever made would have to have been with Cadbury chocolates. Unlike the rancid lollipops and other inedibles churned out by Chupa Chups, these candy bars were actually quite tasty. Not too surprising I suppose as Cadbury have always been a real class act.

I bought these examples in a Toronto hotel gift shop in 1998. I wanted a Scary and Ginger to complete the set, but alas they were sold out. I ate the chocolate almost immediately, but was amused enough by the packaging to hold onto the wrappers for all these years. You can still buy sealed bars on sites like eBay UK today, but after a decade and a half they’re probably none too palatable.

The bars came in ten designs, two for each girl,, and were sold worldwide. Or at least in a variety of English-speaking countries such as Australia and England.


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