Starstruck original motion picture soundtrack


 Format: LP

Label: A&M/OZ Records

Country: US? Year: 1983

Price paid: $5

Purchased at: Angry Mom Records, Ithaca NY



Well those Hollywood hearts, watch them a flutter

You can’t make a star of a girl gorilla

2The New Wave era in music (1978-1985)- with it’s often larger-than-life artists, heavily theatrical fashion sense, and all-around garish aesthetics- was a natural subject to be adapted to the big screen. Several big screen musicals were produced including ‘The Great Rock and Roll Swindle’ (1980), ‘Breaking Glass’ (1980), and ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains’ (1982.)

3‘Starstruck’ (sometimes ‘Star Struck’) was a 1982 Australian movie about a quirky female singer and her rise to stardom from humble beginnings. The running time’s only 105 minutes, but although a rather slick package and VERY Australian the film wears out it’s welcome after the first 45 minutes. A bomb at the box office (it cost $2.7 million Australian, but only made $1.5 million Australian), it nonetheless got heavy airplay on basic US cable in the US- cementing its cult status with the Gen-X crowd.

The lead protagonist was played by Jo Kennedy. Kennedy was primarily active as an actor during the eighties and garnered a Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 35th Berlin International Film Festival in 1985 for her work on the film ‘Wrong World.’ She sings many of the tracks on this soundtrack; the single ‘Body and Soul’ (written by Tim Finn of Split Enz) made it to #5 on the Australian charts in 1982.1

The sleeve art is typical for a soundtrack of the period, consisting of a montage of stills and modified poster art. That being said it’s an attractive well designed package of pastel pinks and baby blues.




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