The Shams: Only A Dream / 3 a.m.


Format: 7″

Label: SOL

Country: US

Year: 1990

Price paid: $2.50

Purchased at: Angry Mom Records, Ithaca NY


Folksy New York girl group active during the late eighties and into the early nineties, The Shams were Amy McMahon Rigby, Sue Garner, and Amanda Uprichard. Their sound and ethos (proto-No Depression) may only tangentially warrant their inclusion on this blog, but they serve as an interesting stylistic juxtaposition to contemporaries such as the Riot Grrrls.

‘Only a Dream’ was their first and only single, released on Bob Mould’s ‘Singles Only’ Label. The band would go on to release an EP and full album on the Matador label before they split to pursue solo ventures.

Member Amy McMahon Rigby has released five studio albums between 1996 and 2005, but appears to have gone dormant musically for the last decade. She is currently married to former Stiff Records’ artist Wreckless Eric. They live in upstate New York.

Sue Garner was also active during the late nineties into the early 21st century, releasing three studio albums. The last- ‘Shadyside’- came out in 2002.

Amanda Uprichard’s whereabouts are unknown, no relation to the fashion designer/clothing line of the same name.



4 thoughts on “The Shams: Only A Dream / 3 a.m.

    • Thank you for your kind words! Very impressed by your blog. I’m a painter/toy designer so my direction when creating the blog tended to lean towards the visual. ‘The record as object’ and all that. I’m amazed that to this day is difficult at best to find nice large reproductions of album artwork; if nothing else I hope to provide passable images that do the original some justice. It’s also a way to explore each piece beyond simply listening to it; I’m no historian, but I love connections.

      • Good mission! Forgot to say I am big Amy rigby fan and even more so of wreck less Eric who will definitely merit a jukebox post. Regards thom

  1. Hi there, wanted to thank you for including The Shams 45 on your blog. Also wanted to let you know that I have never stopped making music – I released three records with Wreckless Eric as Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby: Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, 2008 on the Stiff label; Two-Way Family Favourites in 2010 on our own Southern Domestic label and A Working Museum, 2012 on Southern Domestic. I still play gigs and will release a solo album in 2017. Sue is also still active musically. And Amanda is indeed the Amanda Uprichard of the fashion world. Thanks again!

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