Cocktail Slippers: St. Valentines Day Massacre / Heard You Got A Thing For Me

cocktailslippers_valentineFormat: 7″

Label: Wicked Cool Records

Country: US

Year: 2009

Price paid: $4

Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY


“I appreciate the glimpse into your misery…”

There has certainly been an explosion of top-notch girl groups and female-fronted bands coming out of Europe over the past decade. Sahara Hotnights, Vibeke Saugestad, and The Sounds to name but a few. The Cocktail Slippers hail from Norway and must certainly be that country’s greatest musical export since the world took on A-Ha.

cocktailslippers_valentine3I picked this single up cold, based solely on the killer cover art and the fact that they’re a girl group. Since I’m kind of a sucker for both. All too often female bands of the past twenty years have relied on their sex appeal to sell their music… I know that’s always been the case- and not unique to women- but it frequently results in a pretty package masking a dreadfully bland creamy center. I was braced for the worst, but upon spinning this disc I was pleasantly surprised…

The Slippers have an enjoyable sound, not totally dissimilar to The Dum Dum Girls with a tinge of sass ala Tuuli or Halo Friendlies. Melodic, upbeat, and unabashedly pop. The band has been around since 2001, releasing three studio albums and appearing on stage with the likes of Crowded House and Elvis Costello.

The sleeve art is magnificent and stylish, continuing a surprisingly long tradition of ‘mock movie poster’ design in music art. The sleeve was created by Louis Arzonico (aka ‘Arzonisaurus Rex’), an artist who’s designed posters/cover art for such indie artists as The Infinities and The Rascals.



2 thoughts on “Cocktail Slippers: St. Valentines Day Massacre / Heard You Got A Thing For Me

  1. Brought to you by (Little) Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records, and heavily promoted on Van Zandt’s radio program “Little Steven’s Underground Garage.” In fact, Little Steven wrote both of these tracks. Most folks know Van Zandt as a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band … or as Silvio Dante on the cable television program The Sopranos.

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