Animotion: Room to Move / Send It Over


Format: 7″

Label: Polydor

Country: US

Year: 1988

Price paid: $1

Purchased at: Books and Melodies, Syracuse NY


I need time to work things out, oh baby


animotion_roomtomove4My blog posts are in essence reviews- reviews sprinkled with a little history, an attempt at humor, and hopefully some insight as to how the object in question fits into the larger topic of music, New Wave specifically. I try to keep them positive, and when sarcasm is brought to play hopefully an equal amount of admiration is able to seep in, bringing balance to the analysis. I won’t lie, this one’s gonna be rough…

MSDMYST EC004Animotion were probably best known for their 1984 hit ‘Obsession’, a sleazy little ditty who’s video had all the subtly of a spaceman writhing on a bed. I’ll give credit where it’s due however, the band released three albums throughout the late 80s, charting six successful singles in the US. Their eighties output hasn’t aged very well however- considered ‘synthpop’, it comes across today as tame and safe with strong tinge of pandering to the mainstream. As of 2008 they were still at it, often reuniting for limited tours and special events.

‘Room to Move’,amazingly, rose to #9 on the US charts and- proving that it wasn’t just the Americans that had bad taste- it charted at #11 in Canada, #34 in New Zealand, and #87 in the UK.

Back in the day movie soundtracks were a good source of revenue for those holding their licenses. Even a crappy movie could sell a fair amount of  LPs if the music was good. ‘My Stepmother is an Alien’ was a laugh-a-minute sci-fi comedy in the vein of contemporary genre films like ‘Earth Girls are Easy’ and ‘Date with an Angel.’ It is held in high regard today with an impressive 13% Rotten Tomatoes rating. I’m sure many people ran out of the theaters after watching the film and straight to their local record store to purchase the musical bliss that the previous105 minutes have given them…

animotion_roomtomove3The single’s sleeve is basically a scaled-down version of the full soundtrack art. Making it smaller doesn’t reduce the crappiness however, as the design is uninspired late-80s cheese consisting of Kim Basinger’s leg and a star-field. The flip-side reveals a group shot of the band sporting an embarrassing array of perms, mullets, and perm-mullets.



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