Mojo: Issue #63, February 1999


Format: Magazine

Publisher: JAT Publishing

Country: UK

Year: 1999

Price paid: $2.50

Purchased at: The Books End, Syracuse NY


An ongoing monthly publication since 1993, Mojo (Magazine) is a British periodical concerned with all things music, touting itself as ‘THE Music Magazine®’ (my emphasis.) Originally boasting a ‘classic rock’ focus centered around artist such as Bob Dylan and the Beatles, the magazine (by the publication of this issue, anyway) evolved more of a general rock focus which included contemporary breaking bands.

mojo_blondie4The band Blondie had lay dormant for well over a decade, but reformed in the late 90s. The album ‘No Exit’ was released in February of 1997 to great success, reaching #18 on the US charts and #3 in the UK, where it went gold. As a long-time Blondie fan I feel at least a slight bit of conviction when I state that the album- exception of the awesome single ‘Maria’- wasn’t really that good. Or at least not as immediate and edgy as their 80s fare.

Also released in February of 1999 was this issue of Mojo with a well timed cover story on Blondie. Mojo doesn’t dick around; Blondie’s article is a massive 20-page affair litter with a generous helping of images, both old and new.

Other than the stunning Blondie coverage, articles of relevance to this blog include:

  • Interview with Saffron of Republica
  • New Order- New year, new album?
  • 10 Questions for Alanis Morissette
  • The Theatre of Cruelty: John Cale and the Velvet Underground


  • Various- ‘1-2-3-4: Punk and New Wave 1976-1979’ (5-CD set)
  • Iggy and the Stooges- ‘Metallic K.O.’
  • The Selecter- ‘Cruel Britannia’
  • Nick Lowe (review of live gig)

The ever-lovely Saffron displays her fine taste in music…

This is the only issue I currently have of the magazine, so my aesthetics evaluation is based on this loan example. The text is dense and packed with photos. Ads are minimal, and when they appear are music-related (usually album promotions.) The reviews section is massive and comprehensive. A lot of bang for your buck. My only real complaint would be that the magazine appears to be male-centered (only guys can make serious, meaningful music after all) as all but ONE of the 60 or so issues shown available for back order have a female on the cover (Chrissie Hynde, issue #11.)



A sample of the live acts you could have caught in the first half of ’99

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