Annie Lennox: Little Bird / Love Song For A Vampire


Format: 7″

Label: RCA

Country: UK

Year: 1992

Price paid: $2

Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY


They always said that you knew best

But this little bird’s fallen out of that nest now

Not being critical, but overall I feel that Annie Lennox’s material gets stronger the further back in time you go. I really love her work in the Tourists and early Eurythmics, up until their apex on the ‘1984’ soundtrack… by the mid-80s she became increasingly serious and soulful. I realize that’s a gross simplification- I guess I just like things quirky and sinister by nature.

This 7″ is considered a ‘double A-side’ single, or ‘A’ and ‘AA’ as the record label proclaims. You can call a fish a horse, but in my book it’s still a fish. But I digress…



‘Little Bird’ was the fifth (and last) single released from her first solo LP, 1992’s ‘Diva.’ It was her second highest charting single, coming in at #3 on the UK charts (her next single, ‘No More I Love You’s’, reached #2.) It only rose to #49 in the US charts.

The AA side ‘Love Song For A Vampire’ is from the soundtrack of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 version of ‘Dracula.’ Technically it came in at #3 as well in the UK due to the double A-side status of the single but, well, I’m still not sure how that works. It also rose to #24 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in the US.

Although released as a CD single in the US and UK, this vinyl 7″ version is a UK exclusive. The sleeve was designed by Lawrence Stevens, an artist who had been working with the Eurythmics in a graphic capacity starting with the ‘Love is a Stranger’ 7″ way back in 1982 as the band’s exclusive art producer. Ellen von Unwerth provided Annie’s portrait; she has a long history with New Wave artists, having photographed the likes of Bananarama (Pop Life), Duran Duran, Dido, and more recently artists such as Lady Gaga.




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