Stray Cats: Look at That Cadillac / Lucky Charm


Format: 7″

Label: EMI America

Country: US

Year: 1984

Price paid: 50 cents

Purchased at: Books and Melodies, Syracuse NY


Whoa, sittin’ in a bar knockin”em back, up pulls a big black Cadillac

Out steps a kitten, stand back cats, ‘way I go in that Cadillac!

Remember the movie ‘The Matrix?’ That movie was great- trend setting, entertaining, and it held a certain internal logic that really engaged the viewer and made them feel like part of the experience. And then the sequel (and another after that) happened and it really stunk. It was filled with boring nonsensical exposition, cheesy post-apocalyptic rave parties, and cringe-worthy characters. It was so bad it ruined the first movie for me.

Now I’m not implying that Brian Setzer’s solo career was as toxic as ‘The Matrix Reloaded’, but the neo-swing grooves of The Brian Setzer Orchestra was a 90s phenomenon I could have done without. Tacky and smug and responsible for perhaps the worst episode of ‘The Nanny’… even worse than that one with Rosanne Barr in it. Pretty much spoiled the carefree unpretentious Stray Cats for me.

‘Look at That Cadillac’ was the last single released from their third album, 1983’s ‘Rant ‘N Rave with the Stray Cats.’ It was a minor hit for the band, reaching #68 on the US charts. It was however their lowest-charting single and last single to make an impact in the US, effectively marking the end of the band’s activity during the classic New Wave period. The song itself is cute, but the joke’s starting to wear a bit thin.

I’m rather fond of the sleeve however. Admittedly it doesn’t stretch the band’s established style in the slightest, but does an admirable job of conveying the neo-rockabilly aesthetic. This is 95% due to the hair I think.



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