Toni Basil: Shoppin’ From A to Z / Time After Time


Format: 7″

Label: Chrysalis

Country: US

Year: 1983

Price paid: $2

Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY


Walked through the doors, give the box boy a smile

Grabbed a silver buggy and I boogied down the aisle

When most people hear the name Toni Basil, thoughts of ‘Mickey’ come to mind. Although that song was certainly a smash (going to #1 in three countries and narrowly missing in four more) her career has spanned decades, with music being but a sliver of her calling.

I find the term ‘one-hit-wonder’ rather insulting, but it’s technically accurate I suppose.

‘Shoppin’ From A to Z’ was her second-highest charting single on the US charts. It’s a distant second however, as it only reached #77. It was the fourth (and last) single released from her debut album, 1982’s ‘Word of Mouth.’

I’m rather fond of the song and the video, both are crazy impassible slices of 80’s cheese. Silly and childish… yet catchy as hell.

The sleeve art is a masterwork as well. The uncredited designer merely took an image from the ‘Mickey’ photoshoot and slapped on some text, the genius however lies in the simulated grocery bag look that’s quite convincing in replicating that ubiquitous commodities carryall.

*A note on the video- I’m pretty sure the crazy punk dude is the same guy from Devo’s ‘Satisfaction‘ video.




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