Sex Pistols: Pretty Vacant / Sub-Mission


Format: 7″

Label: Warner Brothers

Country: US

Year: 1978

Price paid: $6

Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY


“I don’t believe illusions ‘cos too much is real”

‘Pretty Vacant’ was the band’s third single, released in the UK on July 1st 1977 and came in at #6 on the UK singles chart. It would later appear on ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols’ LP, which saw the light of day in October of the same year.



I love the sleeve art on this one. It’s unique to the US market and completely different design than found on the UK release… or any release for that matter. There’s a US promo variant that drops the ‘Sub-Mission’ track and replaces it with a mono version of ‘Pretty Vacant’, but the sleeve art is the same. The artwork was recently recycled (with edits) for a UK Record Store Day 2013 release, numbered and limited to 3,500 copies.

The art is by Jamie Reid, of course.


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