Primitives: Echoes and Rhymes


Format: CD

Label: Elefant

Country: Spain

Year: 2012

Price paid: £10

Purchased at: Primitives Official Website & Blog


I’m a big Primitives fan, that’s no secret. With their swooping trippy melodies and breathy lyrics they were an integral component of those heady dreamy Britpop days of the late eighties. Those days seem so long ago now…

I’m also a firm believer that everything has it’s own time and place; some things you just can’t separate from their context… without the whole endeavor quickly becoming an embarrassing mess.

If you’re say David Bowie and you stay on the scene slowly transforming into an old fart that’s one thing. But if you disappear from the music scene for decades and suddenly make a go at a comeback ninety-nine times out of a hundred you’re going to come off as a desperate has been fit only to play the tiniest of watering holes and the state fair circuit.

So how did the Prims fare on this, they’re ‘come back’ album?

I thoroughly enjoyed their 2011 ‘Never Kill A Secret’ EP and found it a great return to form, none of the magic had been lost. The promises it contained whetted my appetite for a new LP.

It’s honestly an ‘ok’ album.

It works. And it sure sounds like the Primitives. But I can’t help but still feel a little cheated.

Maybe I was expecting too much. The pent up creativity of the last twenty years spurting forth in some musical orgasm. The second coming of Jesus.

What we have with ‘Echoes and Rhymes’ is sort of a ‘concept’ album consisting of fourteen cover of songs from the 60s and 70s originally performed by female vocalists. Most of the songs are catchy, with the occasional moments that are either wistful or witty in turns. None either thematically nor lyrically different than what you’d expect from the band historically.

But at the end of the day the whole affair just rings hollow to me. As clever as the concept is, it’s just too ‘easy.’ Too safe and lacking in any display of personal growth. Ironic that the word ‘echo’ is in the title- not only are these renditions reverberation of artists long past, but they’re echoes performed by echoes fading slowly through time.

Damn’, the eighties were a long time ago…


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