The Bayonettes: Stuck in this Rut / Sour


Format: 7″

Label: Deranged Records (DY66)

Country: Canada

Year: 2006

Price paid: $3

Purchased at: Needle Drop Records, Rochester NY


In case you were wondering where I stole the image for NW&B’s banner from, wonder no more!

The Bayonettes were from Toronto, Canada. That’s about all I know. They haven’t been active since around 2007 when sources say they did a few tour dates, mostly in northern California. Their label Deranged Records hasn’t updated their ‘news’ section since 2007 and is most probably defunct as well.

I found this small blurb I found on the label’s site:

‘After endless delays, the BAYONETTES 7″ is now out. Toronto’s BAYONETTES play catchy melodic punk with strong female vocals. Almost two years ago, the BAYONETTES released a demo which received raving reviews from MRR but were unable to finalize their next recording session until very recently. Definitely poppy, catchy and upbeat. Absolutely great stuff. With any luck, we should see another EP later this year on DERANGED.’

Rather small run pressed for this title- 1000 in standard black (reviewed), with an additional 100 made with acetate/screened covers and 150 ‘tour edition.’ There was supposedly a ‘black and green’ repress limited to 100 copies, but I’m not sure if this was ever released…


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