The Stranglers: Something Better Change EP


Format: 7″

Label: A&M

Country: US

Year: 1977

Purchase price: $4

Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY


“Don’t you like the things that I say? Don’t you like the way I seem to enjoy it when you shout things but I don’t care?”

This EP was a US-only release, containing tracks from their first two albums in an attempt maximize exposure to an American audience. Sadly it failed to win over listeners and never charted. Although the band had an amazing twenty three singles that broke the UK top 40 singles and seventeen UK top 40 albums they never once charted in the US.

Track listing:

  • Something Better Change
  • Straighten Out
  • (Get a) Grip (On Yourself)
  • Hanging Around

Tracks one and two are from the band’s second LP ‘No More Heroes’ while three and four are from their first ‘Rattus Norvegicus’, both released in 1977. The song ‘Something Better Change’ reached #9 onthe UK charts, the band’s fifth highest charting single (tied with 1983’s ‘European Female.’)

stranglers_something3The sleeve is classic British punk, or at least it’s a fair attempt by a major label to codify some of the counterculture’s motifs. A shocking red and black color scheme envelopes a leather-clad band; superimposed collage eye lend a touch of DIY to the affair. One of the primary draws of this single however is the luscious pink swirl vinyl, which I hear ranges from almost pure white to a rich pink. My example is mostly white with only a few wisps of pink.


Despite the coolness factor of the vinyl, not insignificant age (over 35 years!), and historical importance this single is inexpensive and readily available.


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