The Creatures: Wild Things EP


Format: double 7″ gatefold

Label: Polydor

Country: UK

Year: 1981

Price paid: $3.86 (incl. shipping)

Purchased at: eBay


“With the chatter in the trees, your balls are freezing in the breeze”

creatures_wildthings4The ‘Wild Things’ EP is the result of a side project/band (aka- ‘The Creatures’) created by Siouxsie and the Banshees members Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie. They discovered during the recording of the band’s fourth album ‘Juju’ a unique pairing of stripped down vocals and drums, a haunting combination that differed from the SATB sound enough to warrant outside exploration.

This double-pack 7″ set came in two formats- a ‘deluxe’ gatefold edition and a standard sleeve with both discs crammed inside.

Track listing:

  • Mad Eyed Screamer
  • So Unreal
  • But Not Them
  • Wild Thing
  • Thumb

‘Mad Eyed Screamer’ reached #24 on the UK singles charts. The track ‘Wild Thing’ is a cover of the 1966 hit by The Troggs.

The package is a lush affair, stark black and white infused with a generous helping of shimmering silver ink that refuses to be scanned. Another stunner by album artist Rob O’Connor.

creatures_wildthings3The photography is by Adrian Boot, a well known British photographer who specializes in music photography who has freelanced/worked for publications such as Melody Maker, The Face, and NME. Artists he’s shot include The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Specials, and Debbie Harry. The sleeve caused somewhat of a fuss at the time due to its none-too-subtle erotic imagery.

Surprisingly affordable and readily available, a must-have for the New Wave collector in terms of the music… and as an awesome example of period design.


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