Danielle Dax: Cat-House (US EP)

Format: 12″
Label: Sire
Country: US
Year: 1989
Price paid: $2
Purchased at: Lakeshore Record Exchange, Rochester NY


Baby, baby, gonna hunger for your leisure
Gonna polish up your chrome and shine your treasure

The format I set up for this blog entails me unsystematically pulling a piece out of the collection and waxing poetic about it. The trouble with this style of presentation is that I often find a selection begs to have the details of its artist divulged… but in many cases I have a lot of releases by the subject, and I hesitate to ‘shoot my whole load’ at once. There’s an art to giving just enough background to be helpful without being repetitive down the road. That being said, I’ll probably repeat the contents of the next paragraph more than once…

dax1Danielle Dax is a brilliant one-woman show, almost always marching to the beat of her own drum. Even though mainstream recognition has alluded her I’d consider her one of the more important artists of the post First Wave. She’s always reminded me of Kate Bush somewhat, but deeper, moodier, and with a delightful tongue-in-cheek sass at her center.

‘Cat-House’ – this version anyway- is from the compilation album ‘Dark Adapted Eye’, an earlier version appeared on 1987’s ‘The Chemical Wedding.’

EP track list
Cat-House (single remix)
White Knuckle Ride (remix)
Cold Sweat
Cat-House (Overnight Mix)

The sleeve art is a bit of a disappointment. Compared to the sublime UK 12″ (which shares the same title track, but little else) it’s a hastily thrown together design by the minor album artist Coneyl Jay. Worst part? The front sleeve portrait of Ms. Dax is a fuzzy bootleg-quality image that looks like it was blown up from a postage stamp-sized original. My ability to take crystal-clear photos of 12″-scale sleeves may be suspect, but I can assure you that, in this case at least, the blurry nature of this sleeve’s cover is not of my making.


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