ABC: Be Near Me / What’s Your Destination?


Format: 12″

Label: Mercury

Country: US

Year: 1985

Price paid: $2.40

Purchased at: The Record Archive, Rochester NY


The message is perfectly simple, the meaning is clear

Don’t ever stray too far, and don’t disappear

‘Be Near Me’ was released in 1985, the second single of of 1984’s ‘How to Be a… Zillionaire!” It reached #26 in the UK, but fared better in the US where it reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and an impressive #1 on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart.

This release features the ‘Munich’ and ‘Ecstasy’ mixes of the song, with ‘What’s Your Destination?’ (instrumental version of ‘Be near Me’) on the B-side. The UK 12″ version swaps out the ‘Ecstasy’ version for ‘A to Z.’

The sleeve art is another quality production by artist Keith Breeden. I really like the bright poppy cartoonish design aesthetic during this ‘Zillionaire’ period; the tone had been considerably more somber and reserved up to this point. The levity was a passing fad it seems, as they returned to a more serious visual tone with later releases.


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