Berlin: Sex (I’m a) / The Metro


Format: 12″

Label: Mercury

Country: Netherlands

Year: 1982

Price paid: $5

Location purchased: Exchange, Kent OH


“I’m a man, I’m a teaser I’m a man, well I’m a virgin I’m a man, I’m a one night stand I’m a man, I’m a drug I’m a man, well I’m your slave I’m a man, I’m a dream divine, and we make love together…”

Probably best known for their hits ‘The Metro’ (which is given second billing on this single) and ‘Take My Breath Away’ (from the Top Gun soundtrack) Berlin are one of the west coast/LA ‘biggies’, ranking up there with the Missing Persons and their ilk in my book. They claim inspiration from Devo and Kraftwerk; although sufficiently ‘synthy’, they fall more into the ‘radio-friendly’ than the conceptual camp. That’s not an insult.

Sex (I’m a) is a naughty, naughty song. Especially for 1982. I’m torn as to whether it’s a brilliant period piece or merely an annoying repetitive tone-deaf jingle. Not surprisingly it was banned from some US radio stations. Despite this it rose to #62 on the US charts and an impressive #18 in New Zealand.

The video itself is a classic. Cheesy, sleazy, and low budget in a way only an early 80s video can be. I seem to recall seeing it once or twice on MTV, but I don’t remember the (animated) nudity so I could be mistaken.

The sleeve art is unremarkable. With it’s poor color/font choices and undersized photo placed dead-center it smacks of a hastily and unsympathetically produced single intended for European consumption… which is exactly what it is!

*Fun Fact- Terri Nunn was an aspiring actress, even auditioning for the role of Princess Leia in ‘Star Wars.’ I like to think that in one of the infinite parallel worlds that make up our multiverse she actually got the part.


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