Berlin: 2014 stickers and badges


Format: various

Country: US

Year: 2014

Price paid: $8.50 (including ship.)

Purchased at: Official Berlin featuring Terri Nunn website


If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now: I love autographs. Whether personalized with a thoughtful sentiment or merely pithily hen-scratched, there’s something about that tenuous connection with a celebrity that comes about from getting/owning their (oft unintelligible) scribbles that infuses the object with deep meaning. In the case of the New Wave genre few signatures carry high monetary value, but to me they’re priceless artifacts.

terri4In most cases I get my autographs second-hand from dealers, eBay, other collectors. Sadly authenticity is always an issue. The FBI has stated that 70% of sports autographs are fakes. I’m not sure what the numbers are in the world of music, but undoubtedly forgeries are passed off as the real deal every day, especially with personalities like Elvis and dead Beatles, where big bucks are to be made. Even the signature of a ‘minor’ artist, with their relative obscurity, doesn’t make authenticity certain. It takes careful research, such as comparing examples to known or independent specimens, and trust in your source to be confident that what you have is genuine. But I digress…

Happily provenance is not an issue here, as I received them directly from the source…

I’ve been a fan of Terri/Berlin for years, so I really perked up when I came across an autographed item on eBay. A lot of them actually. Personally signed, if requested at checkout. Many artists ask that you give your name when signing autographs (she did)- this practice is to discourage flippers I imagine; signed items typically don’t (re)sell for as much if they have someone’s name on them.

terri5I’m fine with that, but didn’t want my personal request to get lost and just end up with a few awesome but autograph-less stickers, so I went right to ground zero, that is, the official website. Prices were the same but I felt more confident that the note would get through. I thought I’d be cute and ask for ‘<3’ and wow, she did it for me. It’s the little things that make a fan’s day.


I’m not sure why she’s selling her signature so cheap, basically free with anything you buy. I routinely see autographs of artists of a similar ilk/status (no respect meant!) go in the $25-30 range so IMO she should sign less and charge more per. That being said- and being a cheap bastard- I went for the ‘deluxe’ Combo Pack to maximize my signature-bang, getting 2 autographs and three buttons for under ten bucks.



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