Joan Jett tour 18 wheel semi-hauler


Format: Toy
Company: Hot Wheels, ‘Concert Billboard’ series
Country: US
Year: 2011
Dimensions: 15.8 x 2.5 x 3.9 inches
Price paid: $15.99
Purchased at: Forbidden Planet, NYC


“New York City when it’s late at night
I’m on West Side Highway heading
Up to the G.W. Bridge down by the power lines
I see all the neon and it’s cold at night
I got my radio on”

A wise man once said that “Diversity is the spice of a collection.”

Actually I just made that up, but it stands to reason. I’m always on the hunt for that oddball stuff to brighten my musical assemblage, so when I spied this on the discount rack of a midtown Manhattan comic book store I knew I just had to have it…

This truck is part of a series of ‘concert billboard’ vehicles. Others in the series include AC/DC, The Who, and Kiss. It measures in at an impressive 16″ long and, ripped from the Amazon description:

  • Celebrating the biggest stars of classic rock
  • Billboard-like images with great detailing
  • Cab is detailed with the bands iconic logo
  • Die-cast metal cab is a great addition to any collection
  • A must have for the classic rock collector
  • Recommended Ages: 8-13+ years


For what it’s worth Amazon also recommends that, based on my interest in this product, I may want to check out yellow hard hats and a Disney ‘Cars’ three-piece upholstered sectional set. Buyers rate this product a solid 5-stars too!

Who these appeal to other than the niche fanbase of their respective fans and the Hot Wheels enthusiasts I’m not sure. Maybe that demographic is robust to bolster sales into the stratosphere… but I’m guessing not.

Odds are I’ll never take this out of its box, as the packaging is 80% of the charm.



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