Bananarama: The Greatest Hits Collection (LaserDisc)


Format: LaserDisc
Label: Polygram Music Video
Country: US
Year: 1988
Price paid: $10 (including ship.)
Purchased at: eBay


It seems like everyone is back into collecting vinyl these days, it’s hot and rising prices reflect its new-found trendy status. But what about the lowly crap that nobody cares about? Especially that stuff that’s unique to the format? Say you’re a Bowie fan. If you’re a collector you may have all his albums on vinyl, and if a competist you might go for all the singles, magazines he’s on the cover of, etc. But would you think to track down his LaserDiscs?

Sure, they’re pretty much useless. But they’re nice looking objects, large (the same size as a 12” vinyl), and have artwork unique to the format. Many were released in Japan too, as the format really took off there… and is still big with videophiles. Very few people bought them in the US compared to VHS, but man, the companies sure did try… and marketed the hell out of them. Consumers that did invest in the format have either thrown them in the trash or dropped them off at the Goodwill long ago. Only a matter of time until the relative rarity of the format begins to turn the heads of the music accumulator…

One of the rare acts to not only survive the great mid-80’s New Wave die-off, but thrive as a slick pop vocal act. Under the wing of their masters Stock Aitken Waterman they tore up the late 80’s charts around the world. The ‘Greatest Hits‘ collection alone went gold in the US and Canada, triple platinum in the UK. This was due in no small part I’d wager due to their videos, which got heavy rotation on the video stations at the time.

Not too surprising then that collections of their videos would be made available for purchase. The straight-up audio ‘Greatest Hits’ has many track variations depending on format and location released; I was unable to research track variations in the video releases, but I’m sure those exist as well. This US Laser Disc contains the following tracks, with a total running time of 38:48:

  • Multimix consisting of ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)’, ‘Shy Boy’, ‘Robert De Niro’s Waiting’, and ‘Really Saying Something’
  • Venus
  • More Than Physical
  • I Heard a Rumour
  • Love in the First Degree
  • Mr. Sleaze
  • I Can’t Help It
  • I Want You Back
  • Love, Truth, and Honesty

The sleeve design is uninspired to say the least. I know they wanted it to differ from the standard vinyl issue to avoid confusion, as both are roughly the same size, but they didn’t even try.


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