Gary Numan: I Can’t Stop / Faces


Format: 10″ plus flexidisc

Label: NUMA (NUDJ 17)

Country: UK

Year: 1986


I’ve been there and seen it

I’ve been up and down

And I’ve been fighting for so long

‘I Can’t Stop’ was from Gary’s 10th studio album, 1986’s ‘Strange Charm.’ It reached #27 in the UK charts.

Can’t say as I’m a fan of this single and Gary’s mid-late 80s work in general. I find it lacks that sense of immediacy his earlier work possessed. His popularity was waning by this point and this would be nearly his last single to get close to the top 24, periodic reissues/mixes of ‘Cars’ notwithstanding.

I think they knew this over at Numa Records HQ, as they pulled up all the stops and really ‘gimmicked up’ their product with colored vinyl, pack-in’s, and other odd stuff. The song is a little over 6 minutes in length, but I can see no logical reason why it should have been released in 10″ form. A 7″ and airplane-shaped picture disc were made as well.

The ‘Free Numa Preview Flexi Disc‘ is a promotional item expounding the virtues of Numa artists. The text printed on the disc, in full: ‘This Free Flexi Disc conatins an introduction by Gary Numan to short samples of Steve Braun’s singles ‘When I See Your Eyes’ NU/M 12 and ‘Love Could Be So Good’ NU/M 15 both available in your shops now, and Hohokam’s current single ‘Don’t You Know’ NU/M 18 available in July and taken from their forthcoming album.’ Steve Braun and Hohokam were minor artists with styles not dissimilar to Gary’s sound at the time.


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