Liz Phair: Supernova / Combo Platter


Format: 7″ (blue vinyl)

Label: Matador

Country: US

Year: 1994 Paid: $2

Purchased at: Square Records, Akron OH


Your eyelashes sparkle like gilded grass

And your lips are sweet and slippery like a cherub’s bare wet ass

‘Supernova’ was the first single to be released from Phair’s second album, 1994’s ‘Whip-Smart.’ It reached #6 on the US Alternative chart, #78 on the Billboard Hot 100, and remains her highest-charting song to date. It was nominated for ‘Best Female Rock Vocal Performance’ in the 37th Annual Grammy Awards, but she lost out to Sheryl Crow.

The sleeve design is colorful and adequately sparkly, but unremarkable in a generic way- not atypical of many indie sleeves of the period. The vinyl, being electric blue, bumps the cool factor up considerably however.


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