Big Daddy: Big Daddy… What Really Happened to the Band of ’59


Format: LP

Label: Rhino

Country: US

Year: 1983

Price paid: $3

Purchased at: Books and Melodies


“Big Daddy, a popular 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll combo, has recently returned home after being held captive for more than two decades by Communist Revolutionaries in North Laos…”

One of the major themes of American eighties pop culture was an obsession with all things 1950’s. I’m no sociologist, but I’m thinking the tensions of the Cold War coupled with Reagan’s ‘Morning in America’ attitude sent people scrambling for the security of a (mostly idolized) period in America’s history where stability and prosperity shone brightly. Everything from fashion, movies such as ‘Back to the Future’, and of course music, resonated with mid-century modernisms.

Big Daddy took this trend a step further, taking musical styles such as Doo-wop and mutating 80’s hits through their anachronistic prism with humorous results. Sort of like if Shanana and Weird Al had a baby.

Track listing:

  • I Write the Songs
  • Bette Davis Eyes
  • Super Freak
  • Star Wars
  • Whip It
  • Ebony and Ivory
  • You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
  • Hit Me with Your Best Shot
  • The Rose
  • Just What I Needed
  • Hotel California
  • Eye of the Tiger

‘Big Daddy… What Really Happened to the Band of ’59’ was the band’s first album. Admittedly the concept grows a tad thin quickly, but God bless ’em Big Daddy have been at it for well over a quarter century. They’ve released six studio albums to date, a ‘best of’ CD, and an EP. I was only familiar with the 80’s records, but they barreled through the 90s and released an LP as late as last year.

The sleeve design is typical of most early Rhino releases- unremarkable, but it gets the job done.


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