A Baker’s Dozen from Vindaloo

vindaloo bakers dozen

Format: LP

Label: Vindaloo

Country: Germany

Year: 1986

Price paid: $11.47

Purchased at: eBay January 2014


Rockin’ with Ron Collins

Rockin’ with Maria

Rockin’ with Fuzzbox

Rockin’ with the Ted

Sure can’t beat rocking with the Tactile House Band

Rock it now Ted

Rip it Ted


Vindaloo were a minor label sandwiched in time between early 80’s New Wave and late 80’s Britpop. They weren’t around for long and, with the exception of one artist, never saw much mainstream chart success. God bless them.

This compilation packs together pretty much everyone that appeared on the label.

Track listing:

  • Rockin’ with Rita- Vindaloo Summer Special
  • Let’s Surf- The Nightingales
  • XX Sex- We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It
  • Open Up, She Said- Bumbites
  • Driving Down the Road- Ted Chippington
  • Down in the Dumps- The Nightingales
  • AAARRRGGGHHH- Fuzzbox, etc.
  • Keep Lying, I Love It- Bob’n’Vi
  • She Loves You- Ted Chippington
  • Buck Up- Bumbites
  • Fever- (intro stuff) Fuzzbox (and the rest)
  • At the End of the Day- The Nightingales
  • Rockin’ with Rita- Ted Chippington

The ‘Vindaloo Summer Special’ was a UK promotional tour consisting of, not surprisingly, Vindaloo artists. ‘Rockin’ with Rita’ (written by Chippington) reached number 56 on the UK charts.

Ted Chippington was (and is) a standup comedian. Known for his deadpan brand of ‘anti-humour’, Ted had minor success as an acoustic performer with his cover of the Beatles’ ‘She Loves You.’

The Nightingales were a post-punk indie band from Birmingham. They also appeared on the labels Rough Trade and Cherry Red for some of their earlier recordings. Around since 1979, the band broke up the year this compilation was released. Like just about every other 80’s band they reformed in the early 21st century.

Fuzzbox are covered heavily on this blog elsewhere. They had three top-100 UK hits while on the Vindaloo label, including ‘XX Sex’ which appears here. ‘Fever’ is a hilarious yet competent cover of the old Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell song, most famously sung by Peggy Lee.

The sleeve art is a delightful riot of flying Jewish stars, although I’m sure any religious allusions are unintentional. Stylistically it’s meant to simulate older vinyl compilations of the 50s and 60s; this is most clearly evident on the text-heavy backside which sports paragraphs of texts waxing poetic on the significance of each track.

vindaloo dog

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