Shampoo: ‘Special DJ Copy’ CD 2-Pack bootleg


Format: CD (2X)

Label: Toshiba EMI

Country: Japan

Year: unknown, probably 1996


Suicide bomber

All dressed up like Madonna

And they say she’s ‘really cute’

But in inverted commas

Shampoo were a mid-90s British female duo, all but unheard of in the US. They had six top 50 hits in the UK and were also big in Japan, where they had four songs in the top 100. They put out three albums between 1994 and 2000, sadly each release met with diminishing returns…

But oh man, for a few years there they seemed to be the darlings of the UK music scene- brash, young, and trendy. A whining, nose-picking indie version of the Spice Girls. Loathed by their feminist contemporaries the Riot Grrrls, they nonetheless conveyed a positive female-empowering bubblegum punk spirit similar to what Fuzzbox had done a decade earlier. Anarchists in ponytails- what I’ll humbly deem ‘Brat Rock.’

This two CD set is a compilation of their first two albums ‘We Are Shampoo’ (1994) and ‘Girl Power’ (1995/1996, released in Japan as ‘Shampoo or Nothing!’) The discs are also packed with B-sides and extended mixes from various sources, adding up to a staggering 39 tracks. The labeling as a ‘DJ Copy’ means just that, these were sent to radio stations as promotional items.

Shampoo’s style was image-heavy and cartoonish, a fact not missed when marketing the group. All of their product had a bright, exploding, juicy dayglo feel to it- heavy on pinks and bright yellows. They even released several vinyl singles in a period when the medium was all but dead. Just for the ‘art’ of it… or gimmick, depending on your viewpoint.

I can’t convey how crude these things are.The artwork is taken from the proper releases… only overlaid with hastily added text in what looks to be Photoshop 4.0. The CD ‘art’ are affixed stickers. The printing quality of the inserts is lousy- although on cardstock, the colors are blown out and obviously scanned at a rather low resolution. The whole affair’s so rough that this may actually be a bootleg. From what I can find online this DJ set comes in a single white double case, the interior track listing isn’t nearly as crude, and ‘disk 1’ does not appear on the sleeve art. Why bootleg? Legitimate copies sell in the $75 range…

shampoo_cd2pack2 shampoo_cd2pack3


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