Johnny Rotten in His Own Words


Author: Dave Thomas

Format: book

Pages: 96

Publisher: Omnibus Press

Country: UK

Year: 1988


“I know you want me to say lots of witty things here. But I can’t fucking be bothered.”

Dave Thomas (no relation to the Wendy’s dude, I checked) wrote several music-books for Omnibus including works on Simple Minds and ZZ Top. On the subject of Lydon he frankly admits that ‘too much has written about him for anything new to remain to be said’- not a wise admission to put in your introduction…

“We called him Vicious ‘cos he wasn’t vicious. He’s just a big baby that eats sweets. Look at him!”

The solution? Spend an afternoon at your public library, cull together a bunch of quotes from various magazine articles, choose a really large font size to take up more room, and pepper in a generous portion of oft reproduced photos- instant book!

“Seeing as you’re the worst audience we’ve ever played to, this is just a rehearsal from now on.”

Which is fine really, but after the initial odd titter at the things the funny man says it’s all pretty useless. Why? Well, even though it’s chock full of hundreds of quotes there’s not a citation to be found. Not a one.

“I absorb culture through my backside.”




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