Bananarama: The Essential Ian Levine Dance Pack


 Format: 12″

Label: London

Country: UK

Year: 1986

Price paid: $2.50


‘Captain Scarlett speaking

On a secret mission

I aim for thrills and I shoot to kill

Got no competition’

All tracks on this dance-mix 12” are from Bananarama’s third album ‘True Confessions’:

  • More Than Physical (Musclebound Mix)
  • Venus (Hellfire Mix)
  • Scarlett

It’s sometimes hard for me to listen to these older ‘remixes.’ Most are little more than the standard song stretched three times their original length with huge barren patches of acoustic sameness punctuated by an added (usually cheesy) drum kit track. A great concept if you’re dancing in a club, but it hardly makes for riveting home listening. Sadly this extended (aka-‘padded’) experience is what’s in store on this disc.

Ian Levine was a pretty big deal back in the day. Writer, producer, manager, and credited with developing the Hi-NRG sound (four-on-the-floor electronic disco), he was a true impresario of 80’s dance.

In no way connected to 80’s music or Bananarama… but interesting nonetheless…. Levine is known as a major Doctor Who fan/activist (so much so that the episode ‘Love and Monsters’ is supposedly a tribute to him) and has one of the largest collections of US comic books in the world.

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