Deaf School: English Boys / Working Girls


Format: LP

Publisher: Warner Brothers

Country: US

Year: 1978

Price paid: $4

Purchased at: The Vinyl Underground, Kent OH


‘Working girls hair in curls plastic pearls nylon overalls

Flat flat shoes page three news working girls lovely working girls’

If the connections between bands were lights, Deaf School would be a frickin’ Christmas tree… and if wishes and dreams were fame they would have been as big as Jesus.

Deaf School were seen by many in the mid-70s as being the post-Beatles saviors of the Liverpool music scene. Straddling the fence between pub, art, and proto-punk rock they were championed by everyone from Will Sergeant (Echo & the Bunnymen) to Malcolm Mclaren.

‘English Girls / Working Boys’ was their third (and last) album of the ‘classic’ era. It and its associated singles failed to chart. They broke up shortly after its release which was probably a good thing, as it allowed the members to go on to bigger and better things. Bette Bright for instance would have a somewhat successful solo career.

Speaking of Bette, she totally makes the sleeve a brilliant statement. Simple yet potent, the black/white/red palette coupled with Ms. Bright’s pout and 70’s sex appeal is an iconic image of early New wave design. Sadly it’s far edgier, provocative, and more sultry than the music itself…


2 thoughts on “Deaf School: English Boys / Working Girls

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