New Age: Jane Fonda / Radio Show


Format: 7″
Label: Dining Out Records (TUX 14)
Country: UK
Year: 1981
Price paid: $4.50
Purchased at: My Mind’s Eye, Cleveland OH


‘Speaker for the rich, protector of the blind
You’re only thinking of your image all the time’

New Age were an obscure British group, difficult to research due to their generic name.

They appeared on the equally obscure indie label Dining Out Records, a company who specialized in electronic/conceptual post-punk bands. This single was the eleventh out of the nineteen the label released- labelled as release fourteen (TUX14), singles nine-twelve never saw the light of day. The label’s founder Dave Henderson would later go on to work with influential magazines such as Q, Mojo and Kerrang! and wrote a book on electronica, 2011’s ‘Journey To A Plugged In State Of Mind Electronic Music: 100 Years Of Experimentation And Exploitation’

In 2012 Cherry Red Records released a compilation CD of Dining Out’s releases called ‘Cheap Tricks in a Box, Dining Out Records 1979-1982.’ It contains all of their singles (A-sides), in order of release.  The CD can be purchased used for half the price that this vintage single goes for. Worth a look.

The song ‘Jane Fonda’ is in measures both a homage to and critique of the actress. Jane released her first highly influential workout video tape/book/LP at roughly the same time this single was released in 1981; by this point in her career she was seen as an upbeat feminist to many, a cartoonish joke to others. This single seems to cover both sides of this persona…  suffice it to say I find their sound pleasant, but unremarkable.

The artwork is awesome. Evoking emotions of the punk movement, the rough confrontational design- with it’s crude black and white layout- is sadly far more ‘hardcore’ than the band themselves.


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