KROQ Devotees Album


Format: LP

Label: Rhino Records

Country: US

Year: 1979

Price paid: $12.99

Purchased at: The Sound Garden, Syracuse NY


The importance of KROQ-FM in the popularization of New Wave music cannot be understated. Books could be written about DJ Rodney Bingenheimer (Rodney on the ROQ!) himself. Suffice it to say that everyone from The Runaways to Courtney Love owe a debt to this seminal Los Angeles-based radio station.

There’s a convenient snippet on the back sleeve that concisely sums up the album’s concept: ‘This LP was compiled from tapes sent in by KROQ listeners during the summers of 1978 and 79. KROQ, Rhino Records and Devo would like to thank all the mutants who entered the Devotees contest.’

The fruits of this contest aren’t too surprising, with the entries ranging from ‘competent’ to ‘barely listenable.’ Entertaining in small doses, it’s best approached with the attitude that Devo were (to a large extent) a tongue-and-cheek band… and this is a tongue-and-cheek take on their material by less adept but enthusiastic performers.

All songs are covers from Devo’s “Are We Not Men…” album, the only available at the time. The scant bands (and I use the term ‘band’ loosely in some cases) that released material- other than appearing on this compilation- were The Bakersfield Boogie Boys and The View. The Boogie Boys came out with an EP on Rhino that is highly recommended for its kitsch value.


The album art preps you for the listening experience- light, fun, and cheesy. Typical Rhino Records fair of the period.


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