Muffs: I’m a Dick / Pacer


Format: 7″

Label: Sympathy for the Record Industry

Country: US

Year: 1996

Price paid: $2

Purchased at: Square Records, Akron OH


You lied to me,

now I can hear you say

You’re a dick,

you’re a dick

And I could care less

The Muffs at its heart is songer/songwriter Kim Shattuck, formerly of the 80s neo-pshychedelic garage band The Pandoras. Although they have a similar sassy/irreverent attitude and sound as many contemporary Indie acts of the Riot Grrrl movement there is no direct connection.

Kim’s voice is quite unique- all at once taunting, whiny, gravely, and sarcastic; words are spat from her mouth like moist caustic marbles.

‘I’m a Dick’ was released on the Sympathy label, although it would later appear on the LP ‘Happy Birthday to Me’ on Reprise Records. The song is simple and short (1:38!) but oh-so-sweet, typical Muffs fare that goes down like candy-coated bile.


The sleeve art is unexceptional for the period. Bright and cheerful, the use of generic (and probably copyright-free) 50’s-60’s advertising images serves as a quick basic template ripe for infusion with irony through its juxtaposition with the rough/edgy music. The art could be switched out with a dozen different sleeves from as many Indie 90’s bands and it would make little difference, as it’s not uniquely expressive of the song nor group as such…



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