Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Spinster / Go Home / Hostility


Format: 7″ blue vinyl

Label: Blackheart Records

Country: US

Year: 1994

Price paid: $5

Purchased at: The Vinyl Underground, Kent OH


“Maybe I don’t wanna maybe I don’t wanna wanna maybe I don’t wanna fuck you!”

Not to belittle Joan Jett or her band, but it seems like their greatest hits were covers. Not all, but many. She’s had much success mining Gary Glitter for, instance….

Anyway, this is not a cover, and has nothing to do with Gary Glitter as far as I can tell.

Although she’s been active as a solo act since 1979… and earlier with the Runaways… chart-wise she’s a child of the 80s. She had nine top 100 US hits in the 80s and one that just squeaked into the 90s at #36 (‘Dirty Deeds’, also a cover I might add, reviewed elsewhere), but since then notsomuch.

Anyway, this single failed to chart. It was the first single off of 1994’s ‘Pure and Simple’ LP. The album failed to break into any charts worldwide either.

The theme of the single is her tried-and-true formula: disgruntled, angst-ridden teenage youth yelling at the world. Joan was 36 years old when this was released. In the song she claims to be a ‘spinster’ because she doesn’t want to conform to society’s rules, get married, etc. I’m not saying she’s gay and neither is she, but if she were this would be a great coming-out song. Just sayin’.

As for the object itself- The blue vinyl is the draw here. I don’t think the single was even released in standard black. The sleeve art is attractive- big, bold, blocky, and B&W. Gets the job done.


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