Scissor Fits: Soon After Dark EP

Format: 7″

Label: Torch

Country: UK

Year: 1979

Price paid: $3

Purchased at: Needle Drop Records, Rochester NY


I bought this one blind on the fact that it’s British, made in ’79, and there’s a track called ‘The Government Knows About U.F.O.’s.’ If I were pressed I’d give this disc an appraised value of $15-20, but that’s kind of a guess; these early UK punk/proto New Wave singles are of course rare, but it comes down to demand too…

I love when they etch little notes into the inner groove. Stiff Records did this a lot. This single says- “Art + realism = shorts” and “The Gothic R&B”

There’s actually a wiki page for the Scissor Fits, but it doesn’t divulge too much information… other than they were a rather minor band (duh.) One of the members went on to be the A&R man for the seminal indie label Cherry Red.

‘The Government Knows About U.F.O.’s.’  has a lovely garage sound, but aren’t punk tracks supposed to be like thirty seconds long… not five minutes?

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