My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: Final Blindness

Format: 7″

Label: Interscope

Country: US

Year: 1993

Price paid: $4

Purchased at: Needle Drop Records, Rochester NY


When I think of the Thrill Kill Kult I think of Wax Trax Records, as they were that label’s biggest success. I also think of the song ‘Sex on Wheelz’ and the album ‘Sexplosion!’, as they were they high point of the band’s career. However…

This single was released after they had left Wax Trax- and just after the ‘Sexplosion!’ album- and it shows. The sound lacks the tight focus of tracks like ‘Sex on Wheelz’, and comes across as a watered-down version of what the Lords of Acid would exploit so well later in the decade. Sonic, danceable, sample-heavy doodles. That being said it’s not horrible and has a certain camp energy to it that evokes images of smoke-filled 90’s raves.

The single isn’t that common, at least I wasn’t able to find a ton of copies out there. But as we know rarity doesn’t always equal dollar signs. Prices on this one hover around the $10 mark.


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