Mutant Pop 78/79

Format: LP

Label: PVC/Fast Product

Country: US

Year: 1980

Price paid: $8

Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY


As far as I know this is the only album in the series, although the ’78/79′ implies that they had plans for future releases. Early post-punk UK tunes flung at the US market in hopes that some would stick. Or not.

Track listing:


  • Never Been in a Riot
  • 32 Weeks
  • Where Were You


  • Adultery
  • Horror Show

The Human League 

  • Being Boiled
  • Circus of Death


  • All Time Low
  • Where to Know?

The Flowers 

  • After Dark
  • Confessions

Gang of Four 

  • Love Like Anthrax
  • Armalite Rifle
  • Damaged Goods

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