Ian Dury: What a Waste / Wake Up and Make Love with Me

Format: 7″ (yellow vinyl)

Label: Stiff (BUY 27)

Country: Belgium 

Year: 1978 

Price paid: $4 

Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY

I didn’t realize until I got it home that this was on yellow vinyl. Also didn’t realize that this is a Belgium pressing- for some reason Belgium got no fewer than four (!) versions of this single, while the UK only got one. It came in black, orange, yellow, and brown/yellow. My copy has a few brown specks in it which at first thought were defects, but they’re most probably left over splatter from the brown/yellow version.

‘BUY 27’ means that this is the 27th single released by Stiff. If you’re interested here’s a list of their singles, which have always been very well documented:

Stiff: The Discography

The single peaked at #29 in the UK charts and was Stiff’s biggest chart topper up until that time. It was Ian’s policy not to include previously released singles on LPs, so this single does not appear on any album.

Dury died of metastatic colorectal cancer on 27 March 2000, aged 57.


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