Kuratt and Rame: Shaky Sharks (Diesel Greatest Hips series)

Format: 12″ LP

Label: Diesel

Country: Netherlands

Year: 2004

Price paid: $3

Purchased at: The Record Archive, Rochester NY


I had no idea what the fuck this was when I picked it up, but I loved the cover art. I believe it was incorrectly priced at only three bucks… you can’t go wrong with a three dollar picture disc!

In researching this LP I had the hardest time finding ANY information. This compilation had nothing available on eBay at all. Same for Amazon. I finally found three copies at gemm.com with huge prices. Not sure how accurate those values are though, but looking at the price tags at others in the series (see below) $50-75 seems to be the going rate!

What info I can garner is that this is a promo-only release by Diesel Marketing Strategy for Diesel Jeans. ‘Kuratt & Rame’ are types/styles/cuts of different brands of jeans. Or something. There’s a whole series of these LPs (at least 12 in the series.) I wouldn’t be surprised if this LP is a compilation of tracks that would be played in their retail shops, ala something Old Navy might do.

Anyway, weird mix of tunes. B-52’s to Wilson Pickett, Ramones to the Everly Brothers, Echo and the Bunnymen to Clarence Carter.


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