Gary Numan: Miracles / The Fear

Format: 12″ (red vinyl)

Label: Numa/RRT (NUM 13)

Country: UK?

Year: 1985

Price paid: $6 

Purchased at: The Record Archive, Rochester NY

Gary Numan has put out a TON of stuff over the years. And yes, he’s still active. I have some of his early vinyl and a spattering here and there, but I’d in no way consider myself a ‘completist.’

The cover art is rather lame, but I was swayed by the red vinyl (it even says RED VINYL on the cover, just to let you know.) Apparently this 12″ also came in both black and white, or at least the 7″ did. The backside is a cute dedication to his band and road crew for their support during his ‘Fury Tour 85.’ Based on that, this single may have been exclusively for sale at live gigs? Just guessing here.

This single only reached #49 on the UK charts. Obviously this is a Gary working beyond his ‘sell date.’

One thought on “Gary Numan: Miracles / The Fear

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