Blondie: Blondie’s Hits

Format: LP

Label: Chrysalis

Country: Germany

Year: 1981

Price paid: $10

Place Purchased: The Record Archive, Rochester NY


For some reason Germany felt the need to reinvent the wheel. Badly.

I picked this one up just ’cause I thought it was a cool variant. The art design is crude and near-bootleg in quality. What a naive and inappropriate font choice- it’s so huge and smushed together! But that’s part of the charm IMO.

Not too much to say about this one really. Wiki lists the US and international versions of ‘Best of Blondie,’ but does not list this album. The US and international versions have different track orders, and the international has two more tracks than the US version. This German version is identical to the US version… except they switched out one track. Weird, why bother?

Comparison of US (left) and German (right) compilations

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