Adam and the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier / Press Darlings

Format: 7″

Label: CBS

Country: UK

Year: 1980

Price paid: $4

Purchased at: My Mind’s Eye, Cleveland OH


The album ‘King of the Wild Frontier’ was a turning point for Adam and his ants. Previously the band had had little success chart-wise, but that all changed with a forced band lineup brought on by Malcolm McLaren. McLaren, in a brilliant and extremely douchy move, stole Adam’s band and put them to work as the group Bow Wow Wow- with the then jailbait Annabella Lwin on lead vocals. But that’s a different story.

Suffice it to say things started to go really well for Adam and the Ants shortly thereafter…

This is fourth single released by the band, the first with the new lineup and also first in support of ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ LP. It reached #48 on the UK charts (their first chart appearance.)

I love the sleeve art on this one. The black/red/white color scheme is rather potent and must have made a dramatic impression on store shelves back in the day; it certainly would have caught my eye! Very intimidating, like a horror movie poster. Potent and primal.


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