Throwing Muses: Untitled (1986 LP)

Format: LP
Label: 4AD
Country: UK
Year: 1986
Price paid: $6
urchased at: Books and Melodies, Syracuse NY

Seminal album. Not only a very advanced sound for 1986, but the first American band signed to 4AD. I blame (in part) this album, the ‘Lonely is an Eyesore’ compilation, and the Pixies for shaping music in a way that would facilitate the codification of the 90’s Indie scene… for better or worse… and thus indirectly the development of grunge and the general anti-pop aesthetic. Fuck you grunge. Damn’ hippies.

The cover art is ‘typical’ 4AD design. That is, cutting edge and frickin’ awesome. The label’s graphics can be cryptic at times though I must admit- I had to look online just to find out the album’s release date and nationality, as this info is nowhere to be found on the sleeve or label. Here’s a short article that discusses (in part) 4AD’s art style. Never did like that ‘hairy back’ Pixies cover though:

Facing The Other Way: Ivo Watts-Russell & Vaughan Oliver On 4AD Records

The band state that this album has no title. It’s known popularly as ‘Throwing Muses’… but that name was given to another of their albums in 2003.

This LP never saw a US release on vinyl, thus the higher values seen today. Average values seem to be in the $25-35 range. I thank the confusing 4AD cover art and lack of a title for enabling me to pick this one up so cheap, as this undoubtedly made it difficult for the store owner to easily research value. He probably said “Fuck it, six bucks.” That’s my theory anyway.

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