Blotto: Hello My Name is Blotto, What’s Yours?

Format: 12″ EP

Label: Blotto

Country: US

Year: 1980

Price paid: $2.50


Let’s hear it for upstate New York! Arguably one of the best New Wave bands to come out of my neck of the woods, certainly the best to hail from Albany.

Honestly, before researching this just now I thought they were Canadian. They just have that sound. Originally known as the ‘Star Spangled Washboard Band.’ Blotto dissolved in ’84, but still reform on occasion for local Albany events.

You may remember this song, a classic of the period. Delightful synth work. Supposedly this video was produced at SUNY Albany and played on the first day MTV went on the air:

The sleeve itself is simple, but get’s the job done. I dig the crude/punk DIY feel to it- copyright-free clip art, typewriter font (probably from a real typewriter), and ink stamp designs. Honest and low tech. This was a local/regional release EP, but I’m thinking they made a ton of them based on the reasonably low value this can be had for today. This example is still sealed.


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