The Applicators: What’s Your Excuse


Format: LP
Label: C.R.A.S.
Country: US
Year: 2002
Price paid: $10
Location purchased: Exchange, Kent Ohio


I have a soft spot for all-girl groups. Rarely do they have ‘staying power’ to span multi-decade careers or garner an abundance of kudos from music snobs… but I’ll take them over some dusty old acoustic crooner anytime. The Applicators have released three full length LPs (this is the first) so they obviously have some enough of a fanbase to keep the flame alive.

My primary way of learning about new music is to dive right in and just buy what I don’t know. As I always say- unlike books, you CAN often judge a record by its cover. I mean, just look at it! Adorable.

I was sold when I flipped it over and saw track names like ‘Puke on You’ and ‘She Smells Like Me.’ Pure gold. Their sound is, well, I can probably name a dozen all-girl bands of the last decade that have a similar attitude. Sort of like The Muffs, only sloppier. Perhaps a little X-Ray Spex thrown in. Overall an early 90’s ‘Riot Grrrl’ sound. Here’s a sample:

Applicators- She Smells Like Me


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